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We are passionate about helping small holder farmers in their agricultural products

UWAMARU AMCOS has managed to cover all districts which have two Councils (Busokelo and Rungwe). UWAMARU AMCOS has provided its services from down at village level to the district level by networking with avocado farmers and different buyers from various countries who need avocado.


About Our Organization


UWAMARU Agricultural Marketing co-operative Society (UWAMARU AMCOS) is an organization representing the interests of more than 150 avocado farmers in Rungwe district

History in Words

The organization was initially established as a group for small holder farmers in Rungwe district deals with horticultural production mainly bananas.

In the year 2004 after the introduction of new variety of avocado and the demand for those new variety avocado increases, it when serious idea to form legal institution which will guide, direct, explain, advice small holder farmers in their agricultural products. It registered as AMCOS under Cooperative Act no. 6 of 2013 article 33 in February 2018.

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Members collections, mobilization, networking, empowerment economically, socially and technically
for avocado farmers in Rungwe district.